RPA Case Study

Group-level Reporting Automation Using Software Robots

The Controlling department of A1 Telekom needed to automate an essential group-level reporting use-case.

Thanks to CloudStorm software robots, A1 could automate the process, free up resources, and get rid of copy-pasting between different systems.

KPI reporting has been automated end-to-end from data collection, through automatic notification of stakeholders, to data entry and validation.

company profile

 How A1 Telekom Austria automated group-level reporting using RPA 1

Company: A1 Telekom Austria Group
Industry: Telecommunication Services

A1 Telekom Austria Group is a leading provider of digital services and communications solutions in Central and Eastern Europe with more than 24 million customers

A1 currently operates in seven countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Belarus and Slovenia, the Republic of Serbia and North Macedonia.

Automation Challenge

Controlling personnel should be focusing on planning, forecasting, and decision support, yet they spend significant time on repetitive, operational activities in many organisations.

Before CloudStorm delivered the automation, employees had to do the process manually. They had to retrieve KPIs from data cubes, notify stakeholders by email if data were missing, enter data manually into the ERP, and validate the transferred data manually.

CloudStorm offered a solution to this by creating a software robot that automates the entire process end-to-end.

Instead of manual data manipulation, robots can query databases for KPI information, compile reports in Excel, communicate with stakeholders over email and deliver reports to the main stakeholders. All this without a single copy-paste.

While A1 Telekom operates its own RPA CoE, they commissioned CloudStorm to deliver this automation from start to finish, to reap the benefits of RPA-as-a-Service. 

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How A1 Telekom Austria automated group-level reporting using RPA 2

Client opinion

It was a new and delightful experience working with a successful startup in the RPA field.

The CloudStorm team is professional, their level of organisation is highly mature, and their project management is top-notch. The implementation process of CloudStorm offered proper expectation management and delivered on promises

By utilising their RPA-as-a-Service approach, we could introduce a new reporting automation without additional burden to our RPA Centre of Excellence.

CloudStorm is a superb partner to work with! Irene Schlager

Head of CoE Process Automation, A1 Telekom Austria Group

The Results


A1 Telekom achieved its goal of freeing up resources previously occupied with recurring group-level reporting tasks.

The robots took over all manual steps in the chosen reporting process:

  • Transferring data between applications
  • Creating aggregate Excel reports
  • Emailing stakeholders, to notify of errors
  • Validating the submitted data

Should the robot see that a rule has been violated, it can communicate with stakeholders to correct their mistakes before proceeding.

The solution implemented is a hybrid cloud software robot setup, orchestrating the work of several applications on-premise and in cloud.

CloudStorm created the required automation end-to-end without needing to involve internal Centre of Excellence and without the need to hire RPA developers.

How A1 Telekom Austria automated group-level reporting using RPA 3


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