RPA Use Cases &
Cloudstorm’s Success Stories

Automating using Cloudstorm’s software robot solution gives you unlimited options with limited effort.

Companies, like Deutsche Bahn, automate work, without the need to restructure processes, hire additional staff, or otherwise face new obstacles in their day-to-day work.

Check out our success stories and RPA-as-a-service use cases below.

Free up resources and get real-time reports

See how A1 Telekom Austria Group used Cloudstorm’s RPA 2.0 solution to automate group-level reporting.

RPA Use Cases & CloudStorm’s RPA Success Stories 1
RPA Use Cases & CloudStorm’s RPA Success Stories 2

Put your RPA project on track

See How Deutsche Bahn’s DB Netz benefited from Cloudstorm’s services to kick-start their RPA initiative.

Robots can help  passengers arrive on time

See how Cloudstorm supported Deutsche Bahn’s DB Regio to automate repetitive tasks in time table management.

RPA Use Cases & CloudStorm’s RPA Success Stories 3

More Success Stories

“RPA software, like that from Cloudstorm, underpins any kind of corporate automation strategy. It delivers efficiency and allows humans and machines to work alongside and with each other.

As such, the software helps make businesses more profitable.

This innovative approach was decisive in Deutsche Telekom Hub:raum Fund’s decision to add Cloudstorm as another investment to its portfolio.”

Deutsche Telekom AG

Annual Report ’18

“Cloudstorm robotic process automation cuts interface costs drastically. It has proven to be an efficient interface for us to access tax data in SAP.”

Richard Sík

Tax Technology Manager, Deloitte

RPA Use Cases

Need to copy data from SAP into an Excel file and generate a report? Let our software robots handle that. Want to schedule sending out the report every week? They can handle that, too, plus a whole lot more.

Unlike other automation software with standard integrations, we don’t force you to rearrange the way you work. Our software robots are able to take over a variety of manual processes in a reliable way, with increased data integrity and while working 24/7.

Here are some possible use cases:


Data Collection

Reading, collecting, and transferring data between different software or databases. Wouldn’t you love to be done with copy-pasting?

Onboarding workflows

Whether for employees, partners, or customers, a host of master data needs to be entered into several systems, not to mention all the back and forth communication. Design an entirely automated onboarding process instead.

Software integration

Connect all the software used in office administration and integrate seamlessly into existing processes – think about how much easier payroll day could be.

Managing approval workflows

Approval workflows across several software tools can be handled easily by software robots.

Updating several databases simultaneously

You’ll be able to maintain data integrity and eliminate double administration, freeing up resources.

Automation and scheduling of complex workflows

Set to run on a schedule or to wait for your command, handle important but tedious tasks like researching competitor pricing and automatically adjusting yours to stay competitive – particularly handy for e-commerce.

Group-level reporting

Our robots can be trained to automatically create reports from multiple databases, in real-time and on a schedule, leaving your team with time and energy to gain insights from those reports.

Application consolidation

Logging into applications and executing tasks.

Opening emails and attachments

RPA Use Cases & CloudStorm’s RPA Success Stories 4
RPA Use Cases & CloudStorm’s RPA Success Stories 5

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