Use case

DB Regio automates data entry with software robots

The largest German regional public transport supplier chose CloudStorm to automate construction works related timetable updates.

A highly repetitive process, involving XML documents, Excel and a Windows-based timetable management software got successfully integrated thanks to the CloudStorm RPA-as-a-Service solution.

company profile

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Company: Deutsche Bahn
Industry: Transportation Services

Deutsche Bahn is the second-largest transport company in the world and is the largest railway operator and infrastructure owner in Europe. It carries about two billion passengers each year.

CloudStorm is working with the Group subsidiary DB Regio AG, which is responsible for all regional transport activities (rail and bus) of the DB Group in Germany.

 Automation Challenge

Deutsche Bahn has to handle thousands of construction works every year along its 33,500-kilometre-long rail network.

Each construction affects dozens or even hundreds of train schedules. To administer the related timetable changes cumbersome manual work is needed: every caused delay, cancellation, detour, replacement bus, etc. has to be manually entered into the appropriate system.

Significant time and effort is spent on repetitive, operational activities, such as data entry and administration that does not require human-made decisions.

CloudStorm offered a method to automate those activities by teaching Software Robots to parse and classify entries from XML and Excel documents and to administer the appropriate modifications in the timetable management software. Instead of manual data entry, robots can update system records orders of magnitude faster than humans and without any copy-paste errors, 24/7.

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Client opinion

We were looking for a solution to handle our use-cases where massive amounts of  data is typed in manually into our systems; CloudStorm’s Robotic Process Automation was a suitable technology to handle our requirements.

We were astonished by the fact that CloudStorm managed to assess and understand the details of our use-case even without a personal visit, proving that remote process assessment is a real possibility in this more-and-more digital world. 

Thanks a lot for the spirit, thanks a lot for the solution,
keep on going!

Wolfgang Weinhold

Managing Director, DB Regio Southeast at Deutsche Bahn

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The Benefits

CloudStorm’s solution removed the need to develop additional data interfaces between custom systems and provided a way to greatly reduce the effort spent on manual data entry. 

The project has proven that such an automation can possibly:

  • Reduce boring activities for coworkers and thus increase employee morale
  • Handle workload peaks
  • Eliminate copy-paste errors

The Results

CloudStorm created the required automation end-to-end without needing to involve internal Centre of Excellence and without the need to hire RPA developers.

The success of the RPA use-case with DB Regio has attracted interest from other functions within the organisation and paved the way for further RPA projects in DB.

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