Robotic Process Automation for the Enterprise

CloudStorm is a secure, scalable, enterprise grade RPA
served from the cloud or on-premise.

Platform 1

CloudStorm features

Platform 2

automate tasks

Automate routine tasks with 100% accurate software robots working 24/7.

Platform 3

Connect the software

The platform connects all of the software used in office administration.

Platform 4

Excel integration

Turns Excel files into easy-to-use online databases.

Platform 5

create complex workflows

The system handles complex workflows which can can run on a schedule or can be manually activated.

Platform 6

data entry and reporting

The robots can be trained to either enter data into various software applications or create reports from multiple systems.

Platform 7

remote workforce

No need to share your office with real life robots. Our automatic software runs in remote or on-site data centers.

What is a CloudStorm software robot like?

tolerates monotony

It does not mind working on routine, repetitive tasks that are boring for employees.

100% accurate

Robots don’t make any mistakes.


Works continuously and its powers are infinite.

Platform 8

works 24/7

It is not an employee that needs to go home at 5PM.

goes on absolutely no holiday

There is no need for sending it on

doesn’t take breaks

Break for food, a chat with a colleague or a nap? Our robot never needs one of those.


Our cloud data centers are located in Germany, Ireland and the USA.
CloudStorm is served from ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant data centers,
conforming to the highest international data security and privacy standards.
Sensitive data can be handled on-site, whilst not leaving the corporate infrastructure.

Platform 9
Platform 10
Platform 11
Platform 12

What experts say about RPA

Our experience shows that if humans are working hand in hand with RPA, they become even more efficient.

Arthur Keleti

IT Security Strategist, T-Systems

From security standpoint a robot is always more secure than doing the step by humans, if you respect the security by design principle from the beginning of your project.

Adam Peter Nagy

Head of Information Risk Management (Cyber Security & Governance), K&H Group

Platform 13

Connect your office software with CloudStorm automation

Robots can connect any popular software used in office administration and create complex workflow systems. All to make your job easier by automating routine tasks.

Curious to see how can we automate your workflow?

Platform 14
Platform 15

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 823219